Color snap

Project Game concept and pitch sheet, self-initiated Role Idea, visual design, layout

The game idea for color snap is simple: Find a color with the camera of your phone and snap it. Players get points on color-accuracy of their snaps. The game poses an engaging and playful challenge between friends and can be played wherever you and your friends are at. The development of the game concept and the above pitch sheet was guided by guest lecturers from one of Finland's top mobile game development houses, Rovio, as a course work in my bachelor studies at in Digital Art.


Project Practical part of my 2010 Bachelor thesis in Digital Arts Role 3D sculpting and modelling, digital illustration, prints

Digital 3D based illustration, part of my bachelor graduation thesis into experimental techniques with zBrush and other 3D tools.
Also available for purchase as art print.

Teatteri Galleria

Project Visual identity, event posters and website Producers & Writers Noora Vennamo, Milla Mertanen, Juuso Janhunen Role Logo design, web design, print design & wordpress theme

Teatteri Galleria was organized as a collaboration of students from the Art Academy of Turku (theatre, media production, digital arts) and held as a two week long lasting festival of performing arts and other events. My part in the project was designing the visual identity, creating brochures, posters and other visual material as well as managing the technical execution of the festival website.

Teatteri Galleria


Project Web design and implementation Producer Tommi Lundberg Client Kustavin Puu Oy Role Web design, front-end development, information architecture

Kustavin Puu is furniture and woodworking company based near Turku, Finland. The website presents their main brand of wooden design furniture Regatta as well as other products and services the company offers. The website directed equally at consumers as well as business partners and offers background information on wood materials and processes used at Kustavin Puu.

www.regatta.fi (redesign 2008 —)

Regatta website


Project CD illustration and layout, posters for finnish band Stella Client Stella, Elements Music Producer Jani Jalonen Role Digital illustration, layout, print prepress

This CD design for Finnish pop band Stella called for a sensitive reflection upon the title Pelkääjän paikalla, which roughly translates as in the spot of the frightened. The booklet features a double sided cover showcasing the eiry illustration of either a female or male face. The booklet inside and packaging reflects this cold and icy feel further.

Turun Restaurointi Keskus

Project Visual identity & website Client Turun Restaurointi Keskus
(Turku University of Applied Sciences)
Role Logo design, web design, web development, CMS implementation

The center for restoration of old wood buildings is as much an educational division at the Turku University of Applied Sciences as it is a source of information and tradesman knowledge. My logo design won a student competition by conveying the reuse and restoration of buildings in a clear and elegant emblem. The co-operation was extended into designing and coding a website with information about center and its activities.


Turun Restaurointikeskus


Download Résumé in PDF format (52kb)
  • Johannes Ferdinand NEUMEIER
  • born 23.01.1985, Hutthurm, Germany
  • residing in Turku, Finland

Previous positions & education:

  • Devloper at hasan & partners 2013 — present

  • Flash Designer and Web Developer at Magis Multimedia 2010 — 2013

    At Magis Multimedia my tasks included developing visual concepts for websites and screen applications, implementing front and back end solutions as well as maintaining and improving existing client projects with a focus on enhancing the overall user experience, brand communication and technical service reliability.

  • Web developer at Medusa Works 2008

    In my internship and consecutive part–time employment I worked on the visual and technical execution of various website projects and online marketing campaigns. Interface design and standards–compliant, platform independent, front end development were my core responsibilities within the team.

  • Studies in Digital Arts (Bachelor of Arts) 2006 — 2010

    In my studies at the Art Academy of Turku I earned a bachelor’s degree with a broad and multidisciplinary foundation in the Digital Arts, ranging from visual design to programming and 3D techniques. My graduation thesis discussed glitch art and the creative use of chance and randomness.

  • Graphic designer and web designer at Studio Illustration & Design 2005 — 2006

    For Studio Illustration &amnp; Design I created print designs and illustrations for brand marketing and corporate communication. Web projects included the studio’s own web site.

Technical proficiency:

  • Front-end
  • Html 5 & CSS 3***
  • Javascript / jQuery / Prototype & Scriptaculous***
  • Cross-browser compatibility***
  • Usability & Accessibility**
  • Search engine optimization**
  • Back-end
  • PHP 5***
  • MySQL 5**
  • Apache & Unix configuration*
  • Wordpress*
  • CakePHP*
  • Graphics & animation
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Design & Production)***
  • Actionscript 3 / Flex / Air**
  • Autodesk 3DSMax*
  • ZBrush*
  • Blender*
  • Other software
  • Windows / Mac / Unix**
  • MS Office / OpenOffice**
  • Google analytics*
  • Facebook page tabs & apps*
  • Git version control*

Language skills:

  • German (fluent in written and spoken, mother tongue)
  • English (fluent in written and spoken)
  • Finnish (advanced spoken, basic written skills)
  • French (school level)